Moonwalk Team

Jeff Weng

Associate Scientist

Jeff joined Moonwalk from Berkeley Lights (now known as Phenomex), where he first worked as an associate cell culture biologist then joining the applications team as an associate applications engineer. As an associate cell culture biologist, Jeff worked to support the research and application teams in developing and transitioning biological workflows on to the Beacon platform. Upon joining the applications team, Jeff worked on developing and validating the Berkeley Lights rabbit memory B-cell antibody discovery workflow.

Prior to Berkeley Lights, Jeff worked at Hengenix Biotech as a research associate in cell line development. During that time, Jeff worked on CHO cell clone selection, culture/media optimization, and cell line evaluation/characterization for the production of therapeutic antibodies.

Jeff received his B.S in Bioengineering-Biotechnology from UCSD and a MEng in Bioengineering from UCB, where he worked on developing a glucose sensitive hydrogel utilizing magnetic particle imaging in the Conolly Lab.