Pioneering precision epigenetic medicines

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Our science

By deeply profiling and targeting the epigenetic code, Moonwalk aims to reprogram cells to their healthy state, fundamentally enabling a new approach to how therapies are discovered and developed.

First in the field

Moonwalk is the first company to couple an epigenetic discovery platform with precise engineering – opening up the epigenome as a new target space for complex diseases.

Engineering the epigenome

Moonwalk technology brings the most advanced AI prediction of epigenetic targets, and the broadest set of epigenetic engineering tools.

Moonwalk’s focus

Moonwalk’s focus on epigenetic engineering leverages comprehensive read-and-write technologies to develop potentially curative therapies for diseases at the root cause.

Moonwalk's Team

Alex Aravanis, MD, PhD

Co-Founder, CEO

Sid Bagaria, MPhil

Principal Scientist, Bioinformatics ML/AI

Elaine Cheung, MS

Chief Business Officer

Jen Fleischer, MS, JD

Head of Intellectual Property

Sam Gross, PhD

Head of Bioinformatics & ML/AI

Arash Jamshidi, PhD

Co-Founder, President & CTO

Rigel Kishton, PhD

Head of Immunology Research

Pedro Mendez

Director, Research

Justin Valley, PhD

Co-Founder, COO

Jeff Weng

Associate Scientist

Feng Zhang, PhD

Scientific Co-Founder

Liyang Zhang, PhD

Associate Director, R&D

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