Moonwalk Team

Nicholas P. Restifo, MD

Former NCI Surgery Branch, Lyell Immunopharma

Nicholas P. Restifo, M.D., serves as a scientific and clinical advisor to Moonwalk. His distinguished career includes tenure as a Principal Investigator and leadership at the NIH’s Center of Excellence in Immunology. His collaborations with pharmaceutical leaders such as Kite/Gilead, Iovance, Allogene, and Lyell have laid the groundwork for significant advances in the field. Dr. Restifo has authored 29 clinical trials, secured three dozen patents, and contributed to over 350 scientific publications that peers have cited more than 110,000 times. His research is pivotal in the realms of cell and gene therapies, T cell differentiation and longevity, vaccine development, and identifying key biomarkers that predict the success of clinical trials – insights that are now being applied worldwide to treat cancer patients. His cross-disciplinary work has garnered numerous awards, reflecting the profound impact of his contributions on both the scientific community and the lives of patients battling cancer.